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How to Get Relief from the Culprit Leaders in Nepal

By Dirgha Raj Prasai
  Kathmandu, Nepal      August 10 2016


Since 2006 irresponsible leadership in the government, the corrupt mentality of political leaders as well as the bureaucrats, all is responsible for the plight of present Nepal. Nepalese people do not want any kind of confused & communist authoritarianism. The concerns of the people are political stability, peace, justice and good governance. A democratic political system always manages a good and well-established political system by determining appropriate social and economic systems. Due to the inept and directionless political leadership of Maoist, Congress and UML and their deprived mentality, the country has still not found a clear political direction. Now again the Maoist leader Prachanda became the prime minister in Nepal joining his hands with Congress president- Sher Bahadur Deuwa. 

The reality is that the Maoist leader Prachanda and Congress leader Sher Bahadur Deuwa are very corrupts, power hungry, money minded and irresponsible. Now, they are jumping in regime due to the Indian South Block design. General public lacks enthusiasm with the present coalition government as they have understood that this is just a game to enjoy power. The present alliance is just to loot the government coffer, rather than giving political stability to the nation. There is the strong feeling among the people that this is just an India-puppet government and it will serve the Indian interests only. In fact, Prachanda is very badly exposed by the Indian media that after Prachanda’s innings.

A renowned scholar Dr. Shastra Dutta Pant exposed the Maoist intention- 'To empower the Maoist with a two-third majority, RAW developed an idea of introducing the modality of inclusive and proportional election. During the election campaign, the Maoist cadres, as advised, asked the voters either to cast the vote of the entire family members to the Maoist candidate or give donation worth Rs six thousand. As a result, Maoist got unexpected majority in the parliament. The Nepal Army had estimated that the Maoist had 4000 hardcore, 15000 militia and 150000 supporters and therefore the Maoist could never receive such votes without threatening and booth capturing. Today, if the Truth and Reconciliation Commission will act as per the international norms, the Maoist leader cannot escape from being punished as per the violation of human rights regulations. In an attempt to escape from the Court accusations, the Maoists have developed an unnatural coalition with the NC to topple the Oli government. Oli, who was also considered as an Indian confidant, changed his stance and demonstrated his nationalistic image like Marichman Singh. Oli made remarkable achievements while dealing with China. Oli has been able to give a new height to his popularity among the Nepali commoners. While arranging these strategies South Block delayed to announce ceasefire while the Maoist was in a hurry for its announcement. This fourth strategy is the test plan which is for taking a bold decision for the fifth strategic plan just like the 12-point pact and anti-king demonstration. India always wants its hegemony over Nepal. Nepal considers both China and India to be good neighbors, which India does not accept?'  

The Maoist even the Congress have not defined what kinds of political system-parliamentary democracy, republic and People's Republic they implement. In the context of Nepal,  there are variations in the parliamentary system they could have chosen the most appropriate one by taking the people's mandate. But no one has tried to formulate a policy to follow a definite democratic system. It has been proved and there is no alternative for Nepal than to have constitutional monarchy and parliamentary system if there is to have lasting peace and guarantee of stability. But, Maoist including the party leaders Nepali Congress & UML declared republic without the mandate of Nepalese people-unconstitutionally(2008). That is the main causes of instability and crisis of Nepal. They are entangled on issues such as federalism, ethnic autonomy. The party leaders, who are propped up by foreigners, are only engrossed in fulfilling their interests. No political system is damned or to be condemned in the beginning and there are mistakes and faults, but they should be corrected and amended while implementing. But the so-called big party leaders don't like to improve the bad situation.

Actually, Maoist is giving lip-service to democracy. They are not committed to establish democratic situation. They are trying to attain absolute power by creating anarchy. The Maoists have been changing their hues and showing new dramas carrying the unnecessary agendas. The Maoist wants to come to power again and again but the dirty way. Due to the Congress and UML leaders' nefarious and power hungry mentality, Nepal became the battle ground of foreigners. And the situation of Nepal is becoming dangerous. Due to the naked intervention of Congress (I) and its RAW, America, EU and UN's organization, Nepal is in risky position. But, fortunately, the Maoists and Congress, UML and Madheis are fighting each other for their own pretty interest. I think- they are inviting their dangerous future. 

Nepalese people are suffering from the lawlessness, theft, robbery, ransom. Road accidents and killing is the by-product of so-called big parties-Congress, UML, Madhesi & Maoist. Nepalese people have been seen so many criminals and anarchists enjoying impunity. A person does not feel safe to travel. Crime, corruption and scarcity of goods, political and social malpractices are increasing day by day. In the time of the Maoist led-government 2008, the Maoist leaders had gone to disturb and destroy the democratic norms & religious cultural & traditional as well as to take over the Pashupatinath Temple. It was a blatant attack on the centuries-old tradition and it is against the Supreme Court's order. 

After the king handed all his power to the people the parliament, which was revived by the king himself. The whole world and the friends of Nepal are aware of the fact that the king handed over power to the people. But those party leaders trampled on all constitutional provision.  They had already swallowed up democracy and now they are trying to swallow up the country. Nothing that crosses the limit is enduring. It is now time for all those nationalists in all the political parties to think in a positive way on how they can save this country. The three big parties neither tried nor wanted to give positive outlet to the country's problems. They intentionally pushed the country on the verge of collapse. And why did the representatives of the UN, American ambassador and the representatives of the European Union support the parties and the leaders in their nefarious intentions? 'A dog’s tail in a barrel always crooked'.     

No one wants the naked aggression and anarchy of the traitors. It is the unfortunate for Nepalese that there are some so-called human rightists, reactionaries of the so-called civil society and some deranged, distorted intellectuals trying to fail and make democracy useless in Nepal. Their turmoil for federal states, ethnic autonomy is leaving deviate the people towards disintegration of Nepal. If we Nepalese people want to get relief from the Culprit Leaders, all the traitors of party who are agents of foreigners should be punished.

Due to his anti-nationalist activities of Maoists, they have lost their credibility in shirt time. After 2006 Nepali people have not been able to live a single day in peace and happiness. The inflation, lack of basic needs, insecurity, theft, murder, robbery, kidnapping, and strikes among others have been stripping Nepali people of their prestige. Aren’t the Maoists too responsible for this? The people can point their finger at the Maoists on the basis of the account of the robbery, forced donation, and extortion racket that they had carried out. There are charges that the Maoist party is taking abundant financial support from Indian, American intelligence agencies, and European nations to transform Nepal into a Christian nation. The Maoist party should clear this point to the Nepalese people. 

The goal of any political party is to uplift the living standard of the people by preserving the nation’s values, norms, and its identity. The Maoist party has time and again failed to heed towards that direction. In Nepal the issues of caste, language, religion, resources, and water are very sensitive. It ethnic division between the people will be an invitation for disintegration of the country. The Maoist party has fallen into a controversy by raising the issue of nation building. We have a question to the Maoists: Are secularism, ethnicity based federalism and republic are the issues to divide a small Nepal?  It cannot be the agendas of NC and UML. These are the agendas of RAW and CIA for Christianity. The Maoists should make clear their stand with written statements but not verbally. Dr.Baburam Bhattarai is one the broker-formulator of these agenda and since 2005; he has been pleading these poisonous agendas. 

This unholy four-point alliance with Madeshi party became the cause of downfall of Maoist especially-Baburam Bhattarai. Probably that was the biggest blunder of Prachanda and Baburam Bhattarai which was proved to end the unity, dignity and prestige of the nation. Just from Sep 09, 2011, the Maoist leader Baburam Bhattarai-led government had started to set up a new suicidal separate unit for '30 million people bulk integration' of Madhesi people in the army to destroy the norms and unity of Nepal army. The pro-Sikkim's PM Lendub Dorje also joining the hands with the Indira's government of India used to say that he was honest for the country's prestige. It is noted point from the history that the Christians and Sonia Gandhi's followers and brokers are more dangerous than Muslim in Nepal. Remember the history- Lendub had hand-overed-1975 the sovereign Sikkim to India. So, Prachanda and Dr. Bhattarai wanted to a good leader, he would remember the quotation-'Cut your cot according to your cloth'. 

From the Nepal's unification-1768, Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims were the contributor of greater-Nepal but Christians were chased out.  In Nepal, Hindu people respect Muslim and Muslim regards Hindus. But, since the division of India and Pakistan 1947, Hindus and Muslims are blaming and attacking each other. Despite being a Hindu country, Nepal is the most liberal and tolerant non-secular country in the world, But the Christian brokers are involving in Nepal to destroy the Hindu's identity in the name of the fake Christian imperialism by the help of money-minded Maoist who are  the agents of the Catholic Sonia Gandhi and the Christian countries- EU. I think- there are so many problems that there will be no the consensus to complete the peace process and the writing of a constitution among the parties. Baburam Bhattarai had declared to abolish the Nepalese National Dress. And then, he tried to abolish the national animal- COW, the national Era- Bikram Sambat and Nepalese national language.  Since 1950, the Constituent Assembly (CA) was the Indian Congress agenda. The so-called CA, a ‘Pandora’s Box’, has opened in Nepal again. The Maoist must answer to the people whether or not it wants to tread the path that will save the nation. 

The Maoists have three options to come out of the current chaos. The first option is to become a Lendup by giving continuity to the current CA, and bearing the slur of being a traitor. The second option is to rebel against the conspiracy hatched by NC, UML and India, and hide its shame. The third option is to join hands with the royal institution by accepting everyone’s existence, and participate in the creation of ‘New Nepal’. The Maoist party has no other options. Therefore, if Nepal's sovereignty and her identity is to be saved there must be a common broad policy, which can make positive sweeping changes in politics, economy and social contexts of the country and this supremacy, devised and enforced. The Nepalese people will have to bear the brunt of the civil-war in absence of the people-oriented monarchy. So, for the stability of our cultural-identity & democracy, there should be reinstated the 'Hindu Kingdom' and people-oriented–'Monarchy.'