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Dahal To Visit US Amid Diplomatic Spat
  Kathmandu, Nepal      March 15 2019


Kathmandu, Nepal: Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Co-Chairman and former Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal is scheduled to visit the United States (US) of America on March 18 for the treatment of his ailing wife, Sita Dahal.
As Dahal’s journey to US is set nearly a month after the controversy over his statement on the US’s position on Venezuela. His visit to US is taken meaningfully in the diplomatic as well as political level. 
As Dahal had issued a statement in last January criticizing the US and its allies for interfering in the South American country Venezuela, serious diplomatic spat was erupted between the two countries. 
There was a speculation that travelling to the US or other European countries for the former rebel leaders including Dahal could not be safer due to the incompletion of the country’s transitional justice process. 
Dahal had visit to the US in 2008 rightly after he was elected prime minister.He, however, had cancelled a trip to Australia about three years ago following reports that he could be detained there over complaints of insurgency-era crimes.
It is said that Dahal would stay about two weeks in the US. As soured relationship between the two countries is believed to have repaired now, it is said that he would meet some leaders during his stay in USA.