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Former secretary Karki’s wife dies in hospital, domestic help also found hanging
  Kathmandu, Nepal      February 10 2020

Kathmandu, Nepal, February 10 2020: Muna Karki, wife of former government secretary Arjun Karki died on Monday afternoon. She was found unconscious in her Sanepa-based residence at around 11:00 am. 

As domestic help Bijaya Chaudhary, 22 was also found hanging from the ceiling with a cord inside the kitchen, wherein Muna also found unconsciously laying with severe bleedings, the incident is taken mysteriously. 

She had severe injuries on her head which had led to her demise. However, Chaudhary had no signs of life when police inspected his body.

It is suspected that worker Chaudhary would have attacked her before hanging self.  But police have yet to reach on the conclusion over the incident that whether worker Chaudhary would have attacked her before hanging or not. Chaudhary had been assisting the Karki household for the last six years.

As Muna still had pulse when the police reached the site, she was immediately rushed to the nearby Star Hospital but was pronounced dead upon arrival.