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Nepal reports forth death of COVID-19 patient
  Kathmandu, Nepal      May 25 2020


Kathmandu, Nepal, May 25, 2020:  Nepal has reported forth death case of a patient infected for the coronavirus (COVID-19). The death of an elderly male patient from Birgunj, who had died at the National Medical College in Birgunj on May 17, has become the forth death case for Nepal due to the COVID-19. 

The swab tests of the 70 old patient conducted at National Public Health Laboratory (NPHL) in Kathmandu revealed about the facts on Monday that he was also infected for the coronavirus. It is said that the patients had also been suffering from pneumonia and asthma related ailments for long.

The deceased was cremated on May 17 itself before identifying the exact reason behind the death. As his ailments were related to the COVID-19, the hospital had sent the swan samples to conduct the tests in Kathmandu suspecting that he would have infected for the COVID-19.