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Japan’s Princess Mako to marry ocean-loving legal assistant

May 18 2017
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Princess Mako, the granddaughter of Japan’s emperor, will marry an ocean-loving legal assistant who can ski, play the violin and cook.

Encourage indigenous language in primary education : Arunachal Pradesh governor tells teachers

May 05 2017
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Arunachal Pradesh governor P.B. Acharya on Thursday called upon the teachers, particularly those tutors at primary levels to use and promote indigenous languages.

85 year old Nepali plans to scale Mount Everest to break the record of Japanese climber Yuichiro Miura

April 28 2017
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Min Bahadur Sherchan, who was once the oldest climber to scale Mount Everest, is planning to climb the tallest peak of the world next month with the attempt to regain the title at age of 85.

Queen Elizabeth II turns 91 with day at the horse races

April 22 2017
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Britain marked Queen Elizabeth II's 91st birthday on Friday with gun salutes, as the monarch herself enjoyed a family day and a trip to the races.

Stone Age cannibals: Hunting each other not worth the hassle

April 09 2017
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You know those snacks that are OK if they’re handy, but not worth the bother if you have to go track them down? Our Stone Age forerunners may have felt the same way about eating each other.

World's oldest spacewoman sets spacewalking record

March 30 2017
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The world's oldest and most experienced spacewoman, Peggy Whitson, broke another record Thursday as she floated out of the International Space Station to set up a new parking spot.

Thailand’s coin-eating turtle dies of blood poisoning

March 21 2017
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A 25-year-old sea turtle in Thailand who swallowed nearly a thousand coins tossed by tourists seeking good luck died Tuesday, two weeks after having surgery to remove the coins from its stomach.

National flower Rhododendron facing existential crisis in Ilam highlands

March 18 2017
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The national flower of Nepal, rhododendron, is seemingly falling into the list of endangered species of flora in face of negligence and lack of proper conservation efforts by the concerned authorities.

Nepal government defines youth as age between 16 to 40

March 07 2017
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The government has issued circulars to bodies under it to address only the persons of the age group of 16 - 40 years as youth.

Nepal’s Civil Service Increasingly Transgender-Inclusive

March 04 2017
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More than 600 transgender people applied for civil service jobs in Nepal last year, according to a government report released last week. LGBT rights activists hail the announcement as practical progress toward implementing Nepal’s identity-bas

Dhurmus and Suntali become NRA goodwill ambassadors

February 21 2017
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Renowned comedian couple Sitaram Kattel, who is branded with nick name Dhurmus, and Kunjana Ghimire, who is also known as Suntali, have been appointed as National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) goodwill ambassadors.

Hot enough to fry an egg on a car in Australia

February 14 2017
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Video of an Australian police officer frying an egg on the bonnet of his patrol vehicle during a heatwave has gone viral on social media.

Pregnant women in Nepal still opt for unsafe abortion

February 10 2017
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Despite legalization of abortion in Nepal since 2002, more pregnant women in Nepal still opt for unsafe abortion that’s again by unapproved or untrained service providers, a study shows.

World food prices rise to near two-year high in January: UN FAO

February 02 2017
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World food prices rose to a near two-year high in January, driven by surges in sugar quotations and export prices for cereals and vegetable oils, the United Nations food agency said on Thursday.

Fewer migratory birds in Koshi Tappu this winter

January 25 2017
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The number of migratory birds flocking to the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve (KTWR) and its surrounding wetlands is decreasing for some years owing to various factors.