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In first for Asia, Taiwan lawmakers back same-sex marriage

May 17 2019
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TAIPEI, May 17: Taiwan became the first place in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage on Friday, as thousands of demonstrators outside parliament cheered and waved rainbow flags, despite deep divisions over marriage equality.

Growing disaster threats put human survival in doubt, warns UN

May 16 2019
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GENEVA: Increasingly complex, growing and related risks, from global warming to pollution and epidemics, threaten human survival if left to escalate, the United Nations warned on Wednesday.

Parents sue tycoon’s firm over dysentery outbreak in Moscow

May 14 2019
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MOSCOW: Natalya Konkova got a call from her 5-year-old son’s day care centre at School No. 1357, asking her to pick up Yaroslav because he was running a fever and having trouble walking.

How Criminal Our Society Is: Couple Burns To Death Their 10 Months Old Daughter In Darchula District

May 11 2019
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Dhangadhi, Nepal, May 11, 2019: A couple of Chukapani of Byas Rural Municipality-5 in Darchula district has been arrested for their alleged charge of burning their 10 months old daughter alive to death.

Thailand’s new king among world’s wealthiest monarchs

May 04 2019
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BANGKOK, May 04, 2019: Thailand’s King Maha Vajiralongkorn, who will be officially crowned on May 4 as part of elaborate three-day coronation ceremonies, has been listed as the world’s richest monarch by publications such as Business Insider

China will scale its 2023 population peak

May 02 2019
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HONG KONG, May 2: China can scale a 2023 population peak. A new study suggests the country’s populace may top out in about four years, earlier than expected. That’s disheartening for the likes of Mattel, Lego and education companies. But it

19-year-old kills 1, wounds rabbi and 2 others at synagogue

April 28 2019
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POWAY, April 28: A 19-year-old gunman opened fire inside a synagogue near San Diego as worshippers celebrated the last day of a major Jewish holiday, killing a woman and wounding the rabbi and two others Saturday, authorities said.

Ghode Jatra is Being Marked Today

April 05 2019
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Kathmandu, Nepal, April 5, 2019: Ghode Jatra, an annual traditional festival of Nepal that used to mark popularly in Kathmandu valley, is being celebrated today.

American woman kidnapped from Ugandan national park: police

April 03 2019
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An American woman and her Ugandan driver have been kidnapped from Queen Elizabeth National Park in southwest Uganda by gunmen demanding a ransom of $500,000, police said on Wednesday.

UN blasts 'inhuman' Brunei law on stoning for gay sex, adultery

April 01 2019
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The United Nations human rights chief Michelle Bachelet has denounced Brunei's "cruel and inhuman" laws set to take effect this week which impose death by stoning for gay sex and ...

New species of reptile found in Nepal

March 26 2019
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KATHMANDU, March 26: One more species of reptile has been newly discovered in Nepal. Common Leopard Gecko (Eublepharis macularius), a ground-dwelling lizard, which was first found along the Kamdi biodiversity route in Banke district in course of

Justice sought for 4 Dutch journalists killed in El Salvador

March 25 2019
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It was 1982, the height of the civil war in El Salvador. Four Dutch TV journalists had linked up with leftist rebels near the town of El Paraiso, which has an army base on its outskirts.

Holi is being observed with much more fanfare across the country

March 20 2019
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Kathmandu, Nepal, March 20: The Fagu Poornima, also popularly known as Holi, is being celebrated with much more fanfare by exchanging of wishes and smearing colorful powders today.

‘Worse than Voldemort’: Global students’ strike targets climate change

March 15 2019
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Thousands of school students walked out of classes across Australia and New Zealand on Friday in a global student strike to protest against government inaction on climate change.

Japanese woman honoured by Guinness as oldest person at 116

March 10 2019
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A 116-year-old Japanese woman who loves playing the board game Othello was honoured Saturday as the world’s oldest living person by Guinness World Records.