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77 hours load-shedding from Friday (with Schedule)

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  Kathmandu, Nepal      December 25 2015

New schedule of load-shedding

Kathmandu, Nepal: Going against its own commitment the government has increased the load-shedding hours by 7 hours from the existing 70 hours in a week.
With the new schedule of load-shedding hours, the Nepali people will have to face 77 hours load-shedding from Friday. 
The government authorities, particularly the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for energy Top Baahadur Rayamajhi had made a public statement that the lead-shedding hours of this year would not be increased by 10 hours in a day.
He had also claim that the power would not be cut in the time of morning and evening to let people to prepare their foods. But, none of the commitments made by the energy minister Rayamajhi are implemented yet.
The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), the government monopoly of electricity, has said that load-shedding hours have been increased by an hour a day effective from Friday.   
As of past the NEA has said that decreasing water level in the rivers has caused the power cut.  Earlier on December 19, the load-shedding hours was increased to 70 hours from 57 hours.