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Health Minister Thapa meets burn injured Raute youth at Trauma Center, announce free treatment

April 22 2017
Review Nepal

Health Minister Gagan Thapa has on Saturday reaches at Trauma Center to meet Raute youth Kapil Shahi who is undergoing treatment for burn injures at the Center.

MMC doctors to conduct media clinic at press club

April 08 2017
Review Nepal

Two doctors from MMC Panbazar hospital will conduct the next evening OPD clinic at Guwahati Press Club on 8 April for the benefit of its members along with their dependants. Dr Madhab Rajbongshi and Dr Hitendra Nath Chakravarty will be available

Trump demands support in do-or-die Friday vote on healthcare plan

March 24 2017
Review Nepal

U.S. President Donald Trump warned House Republican lawmakers that he will leave Obamacare in place and move on to tax reform if they do not get behind new healthcare legislation and support it in a vote on Friday.

Hunger kills at least 26 in Somalia’s Jubbaland region

March 21 2017
Review Nepal

At least 26 people died from hunger in the semi-autonomous Jubbaland region of southern Somalia in just a day an a half, federal government radio said on its website.

Tuberculosis deaths fall in Europe

March 20 2017
Review Nepal

The number of people developing and dying from tuberculosis (TB) is falling in Europe, but among the most vulnerable – including migrants, prisoners and people who are HIV positive – there have been worrying increases, data showed on Monday.

Polio vaccine administration program obstructed due to protest of health workers in Dhangadhi

March 04 2017
Review Nepal

Polio vaccine administration program in the district has been obstructed due to protest of health workers. The immunization program is taking place today and tomorrow.

One swine flu case detected in Kathmandu

March 02 2017
Review Nepal

A person was confirmed contracting H1N1 virus, commonly known as swine flu, at the Sukraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital at Teku in the Capital city on Thursday.

China bird flu: 79 deaths in January alone, highest in a single month since 2013

February 16 2017
Review Nepal

An outbreak of H7N9 bird flu in China killed 79 people in January, the most in a single month in at least three years, the country’s national health authority said.

UK scientists give cancer risk warning on overdone potato chips, toast

January 23 2017
Review Nepal

Potatoes and bread cooked at high temperatures for a long time could increase cancer risk in people who eat them regularly, British government scientists said on Monday.

Volunteers get bit to test new strategy for malaria vaccine

January 05 2017
Review Nepal

Researchers infected lab mosquitoes with genetically weakened malaria parasites, and then recruited volunteers willing to be bitten — a lot — to test a possible new strategy for a vaccine.

In 'world first', man born without hand gets one

December 23 2016
Review Nepal

Surgeons in Poland said Thursday they had successfully attached a hand from a deceased donor to a man born without one, in what they claimed was a world first.

New Japan bird flu outbreak brings fresh cull of chickens as Asia spread fears grow

December 22 2016
Review Nepal

A virulent strain of airborne bird flu extended its shadow across northeast Asia as Japan launched a new chicken cull on a southern island, days after gassing hundreds of thousands of birds some 2,400 kilometers (1,500 miles) to the north.

10 percent beds in all hospitals to be allocated to helpless patients

December 12 2016
Review Nepal

The government is all set to enforce the provision of allocating 10 percent of the total beds in the government and private hospitals to the poor, underprivileged, aged citizens, single women and disabled and provide them treatment free of cost.

Jagadish Prasad Agrawal has been appointed as IoM dean

December 03 2016
Review Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal: Tribhuwan University (TU) has appointed Prof. Dr Jagadish Prasad Agrawal as the Dean of Institute of Medicine (IoM) on Saturday.

Eye specialists to grace GPC clinic

December 01 2016
Review Nepal

Guwahati: Two eye specialists from Sight First namely Dr Subhra Kinkor Goswami and Dr Bijuli Goswami will be available for free consultation and preliminary treatments to the member-journalists of Guwahati Press Club (GPC) on 3 December next. Or