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WhatsApp launches Indian media blitz to dispel fake news woes

July 10 2018
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Facebook Inc’s WhatsApp messaging platform on Tuesday published advertisements in key Indian newspapers to tackle the spread of misinformation, its first such effort to combat a flurry of fake messages that prompted mob lynchings.

Mars rover still silent as red planet dust storm goes global

June 21 2018
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A dust storm at Mars is now global, keeping NASA’s Opportunity rover out of touch with Earth.

Video drone cameras to be used to facilitate Biratnagar’s development

June 08 2018
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Video drone cameras are to be used for facilitating the development and construction works in Biratnagar Metropolitan City.

Facebook's rise in profits, users shows resilience after scandals

April 26 2018
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Facebook Inc (FB.O) shares rose on Wednesday after the social network reported a surprisingly strong 63 percent rise in profit and an increase in users, with no sign that business was hurt by a scandal over the mishandling of personal data.

Facebook fuels broad privacy debate by tracking non-users

April 16 2018
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Concern about Facebook Inc’s respect for data privacy is widening to include the information it collects about non-users, after Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said the world’s largest social network tracks people whether they have accounts

Facebook to send Cambridge Analytica data-use notices Monday

April 09 2018
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Get ready to find out if your Facebook data has been swept up in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

U.S. charges Iranians for global cyber attacks on behalf of Tehran

March 23 2018
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The United States on Friday charged nine Iranians and an Iranian company with attempting to hack into hundreds of U.S. and international universities, dozens of companies and parts of the U.S. government on behalf of the Tehran government.

Stephen Hawking Dead: Famed Scientist Dies At 76

March 14 2018
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Stephen Hawking died Wednesday after complications due to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a progressive neurodegenerative disease. He was 76.

Porsche could build flying taxis, says sales chief

March 04 2018
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Volkswagen’s sports car maker Porsche could develop a flying passenger vehicle to compete with rivals in a possible market for urban air taxis and ride-sharing services, Porsche sales chief Detlev von Platen told a German magazine.

Russian hackers targeted more than 200 journalists globally

December 22 2017
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Russian television anchor Pavel Lobkov was in the studio getting ready for his show when jarring news flashed across his phone: Some of his most intimate messages had just been published to the web.

Mystery solved as Australian sub found after 103 years

December 21 2017
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One of Australia’s oldest naval mysteries has been solved after the discovery of the wreck of the country’s first submarine more than 103 years after its disappearance in World War I.

US blames North Korea for ‘WannaCry’ cyber attack

December 19 2017
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The Trump administration has publicly blamed North Korea for unleashing the so-called WannaCry cyber attack that crippled hospitals, banks and other companies across the globe earlier this year.

Scientists to investigate if cigar-shaped asteroid could be an alien spacecraft

December 14 2017
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A team of researchers, including Stephen Hawking, is investigating whether the first known object from outside the solar system contains the first sign of life beyond our planet.

Uber in deal with NASA to build flying taxi air control software

November 09 2017
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Uber is taking part in a joint industry and government push with NASA to develop software which the company aims to use to manage “flying taxi” routes that could work like ride-hailing services it has popularised on the ground.

Israeli start-up says Apple copied its patented smartphone camera technology

November 08 2017
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An Israeli startup has sued Apple Inc, accusing the iPhone maker of copying its patented smartphone camera technology.